What Celebrities Look for When Buying a Home

After spending about 9 years in Kolkata, Sandip had come to a decision that that it was time to settle down.

Sitting across the table at Tollygunge Club, his girlfriend Reema nodded in agreement as Sandip vocalized his thoughts, “Yes, it is high time.”

Reflecting on their journey, Sandip added, “We have overcome numerous challenges to reach where we are today, and now we must make the most of it.”

Closing his eyes briefly, Sandip’s mind filled with memories of the arduous struggle he endured to establish himself in the Tollygunge film industry.

It was a long and arduous span of time since he arrived in Kokata from a small town in Jalpaiguri.

The Long Way to Success

Getting recognition, fame, and money was not easy for Sandip.

But it was not at all a cakewalk.

He started as a junior artist in a group theatre.

For getting a 15-minute role, he used to wait for days, even months. Practice acting infront of the mirror for hours. Take rejection in his stride for many times.

Years of grind in the theatre actually sharpened his acting skills.

Finally he had got a small role in a television soap, and the new phase of his career started.

In just a couple of years, Sandip became one of the top rated actors in the industry.

He was much sought after even as a brand ambassador for premium brands.

He arrived, finally.

Now is the time to marry his childhood sweetheart Reema and settle down in Kolkata.

Life has come full circle for a district boy.

But first, he needs to buy a home in Kolkata.

No more staying in a rented home.

He is a celebrity now.

He just cannot stay at any home, at any area. Several factors needed to be considered, and he decided to discuss them with Reema.

Reema pointed out some vital factors they must consider when buying a home.

Let’s see what they are.

The Location is Critical

If you are a celebrity, you can afford to buy a premium apartment or even a bungalow. But what is vital is that you must stay in a so-called ‘posh area.’

A celebrity needs exclusivity and needs to stay in an area where people possess that exclusivity.

For example, in Kolkata, a celebrity usually prefers Tollygunge, Ballygunge, EM Bypass, New Alipore, or Salt Lake City areas. Of course, there are also other equally good locations.

Celebrities usually search for a particular type of apartment project in those locations.

We will now see what sort of communities they prefer.

Privacy and Exclusivity are Vital

Maintaining privacy is of utmost importance to celebrities, and they cannot reside in places where their privacy is constantly compromised.

For this reason, celebrities try and stay in exclusive gated communities with high security, or boutique apartment complexes.

They always prefer buying an apartment where other celebrities decide to stay.

Such addresses have a high glamour quotient and the facility management team ensures that the celebrities have absolutely no problem while living there.

Elaborate security ensures that there is hardly any chance of them getting mobbed or facing the over-enthusiastic crowd.

Celebrities prefer to stay in premium residential complexes at elite addresses. Such pin codes are regularly chosen.

They prefer easily accessible residential complexes; no dingy apartments in congested areas for them.

Peaceful, Somewhat Secluded Homes

Celebrities usually live busy and stressful lives. They want to come back to a peaceful home at the end of a long workday, often at the dead of night when everybody else is fast asleep.

Precisely for this reason, celebrities like Sandip prefer homes in communities where there are ample greenery and openness.

Nature helps to heal their stressed nerves.

Almost always, celebrities dislike too much of curious interactions and small talk from the common people. For them, these are distractions and time-wasters.

Celebrities value seclusion. Often celebrities work in high-pressure environments that need a lot of focus to succeed.

Constant distractions irritate them. They will always prefer somewhat secluded, peaceful surroundings.

Sprawling Spaces

Celebrities usually have a lifestyle distinct from the average Joe and they want their homes to be spacious.

Although they shun too much interaction with the crowd, they have vivacious social lives. Some of them throw gala parties at their homes that run till the early hours of the morning. More often than not, they need to invite their friends and co-workers to their homes.

Generally, they have the urge to prove a point or two about their level of success to the world, and therefore, a small apartment is hardly their idea of a desired home.

In any case, you can hardly have a party in a small apartment. And they cannot always have parties in public halls as privacy is a huge concern for them.

So, celebrities like Sandip will always prefer a spacious apartment or a bungalow.

Exclusive Amenities

Celebrities have a need for enjoying the fruits of their success. They need exclusive amenities in their homes or inside the community.

However, celebrities cannot overexpose themselves. They are always a little aloof, a bit away from the reach of the others.

You can hardly expect Sandip to swim in the open swimming pool in his apartment complex. But he may not mind taking a dip if the pool is covered.

But Sandip must have a well-equipped in his apartment complex. Maintaining good health is essential for him.

Although celebrities usually avoid crowds, they would not mind controlled social interactions.

Amenities like an exclusive club inside the confines of the gated community, a jogging track, or a walking trail are often much appreciated.

Sandip Finally Bought a Home

In our 35 years of existence, we helped many high-net-worth homebuyers, even celebrities to choose their ideal homes.

However, if you are not a celebrity yet, we treat you as one.

Indeed, we treat all our customers as celebrities.

You can count on us as much as Sandip whom we helped to buy his home.

Contact us today.

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