Nklusive – the Preferred Brand Partner for HNIs for Buying Luxury Homes

We at NK Realtors constantly find out how to serve homebuyers in more personalized and innovative ways.

This is one of the reasons for our unwavering leadership for more than 35 years.

The reason why homebuyers prefer NK Realtors over others is because of the empathic dealing in every consultation. Every interaction with a homebuyer is always an opportunity to serve, to help with genuine knowledge, experience, and trustworthiness.

In the process, we are keenly aware of the unique demand of every homebuyer in different market segments.

While interacting with different market segments, we realized that there is a growing, unfulfilled need for personalized service to premium and luxury property buyers.

They need a knowledge-based, customized service that is rarely met by most property marketers.

Our customers expected us to offer such service and we decided to listen.

It’s not that we didn’t offer this exclusive service.

We did.

But it was never enough.

Our customers wanted more.

Now we want to help more customers, in more locations, offering more luxury properties.

Luxury Real Estate Landscape in India

Luxury properties have been developed, bought, and sold in India for time immemorial. In contrast to the present-day scenario, luxury properties were built for the royalty, top royal officers, and very few big businessmen.

Later on, luxury properties were lapped up by politicians and film stars.

Times have changed for the better.

Royalties are gone, officially.

India is a republic now and on the threshold of unprecedented economic growth.

In every profession, there are many who are doing very well, financially. You don’t necessarily need to be a film star to buy a luxury property today.

India has more billionaires today than at any time in the past, and the number of property buyers who can afford luxury homes is increasing every day.

Today’s discerning customers aren’t hesitating to invest more in a luxurious lifestyle that secures them a coveted address in the toniest neighbourhoods. The segment is registering phenomenal growth not just because of the necessary policy interventions in the volatile times but majorly due to the rising aspirations of the affluent Indian buyers.

The ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNIs), high net worth individuals (HNIs) including the business leaders, startup founders, industry stalwarts, corporate honchos, working professionals, and the NRIs have actively purchased upscale properties to avail benefits of market cushions such as low interest rates, high disposable incomes, stamp duty cuts, favourable policy support, among others.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the demand is concerned.

Industry watchers are confidently predicting that there will be a demand tsunami in 2023 and beyond. The share of the luxury segment in the overall bouquet of real estate offerings is steadily rising.

As we go forward, it is expected that more and more millennials do well financially with the startup culture taking root. India has already 100 unicorns and counting.

Economically solid millennials are looking for high-quality life in a green and luxurious environment, and this trend will only accelerate further.

Special Requirement of Luxury Property Buyers

Luxury property buyers need a unique blend of transparency, knowledge, and personalization when discussing possible property purchases.

This is unlikely to be met by general property agents. The need is for specialist marketing agents.

We have realized this and our team is well-versed in different aspects of the financial market, investment opportunities, and the broader economy, apart from comprehensive knowledge of real estate.

Wealthy customers in the niche luxury housing segment engage in high-value transactions, and with transparency coming to the fore, investors and even the fence-sitters are accelerating their decision-making processes.

Most notable support to this segment is provided by RERA, which helped to transform the entire real estate sector into a customer-centric, buyers-first industry.

Service with Knowledge and Speed

Investing in luxury homes is not a cakewalk even for highly successful HNIs or NRIs.

It requires in-depth research of various factors

  1. Location & neibourhood
  2. Connectivity
  3. Property amenities
  4. Community members
  5. Social Character
  6. Proximity to business centres and airports
  7. Investment growth potential
  8. Infrastructure development plans, etc.

A buyer also needs to consider the goal of the investment, whether it is for own staying or for rental income. For example, quite a number of film stars are earning considerable sums from rental income.

Luxury homebuyers need specialized services with speed and accountability. The focus is mostly on nurturing great relationships rather than the transaction.

Just because money isn’t a constraint, luxury property buyers cannot buy any property at any location at any price. The property agent must guide him property regarding all the factors which make a great property purchase for him.

Nklusive offers these unique customized services to this elite clientele.

Nklusive leverages the unassailable advantage of NK Realtors developed over 35 years.

Let’s understand this factor in greater detail.

Nklusive – Leveraging 35 Years of Realty Experience

Nklusive is promoted by NK Realtors, a leading property marketing company in Eastern India and Hyderabad.

Since it was founded 35 years ago, NK Realtors helped more than 70,000 homebuyers to buy suitable homes.

The compounded knowledge we have gathered over the years is unparalleled, and there is hardly any company in India that can boast of such deep knowledge of the property market and homebuyers’ interests.

That is why Nklusive is experiencing a searing growth and from a 2-person team eight years ago, Nklusive is now a 27-person team — a growth of 1350%.

As a marketing partner of 19 projects, Nklusive handled 15,000+ leads and managed 5,300+ site visits.

The worth of luxury properties transacted soared from a modest Rs 12 cr to a highly respectable Rs 2298 cr — a humongous growth of 19050%.

Impressive? Right? Now, Nklusive is going to speed up further.

Nklusive has offices in Kolkata and Hyderabad now but is planning to spread its wings in other cities in India and abroad.

Conclusively, India’s luxury property market is at the threshold of explosive growth. Nklusive is fully geared up to be the property advisor of choice for HNI property buyers offering completely transparent, highly accountable, comprehensively knowledgeable, and extremely personalized service.

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